Full Service Boat Repair and Maintenance in Castaic, California.

Al’s Boat Repair in Castaic, CA.

Castaic Lake Boat Repair

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Castaic Lake Boat Service

Fishing/Ocean Marine Service

Al’s Castaic Boat Repair Service

Castaic Boat Service

Structural Repair

Deck building, keel refits, hull reinforcement, cabin rebuilds and more.

Gel Coat Repair

Restoring the gel coat finish of the boat to its original condition.

Fiberglass Repair

Repairing cracks, chips, and holes in fiberglass components.

Electrical Repair

Fixing issues with the boat’s electrical system, including wiring, radio, speakers and electronics.

Engine Repair

Servicing and repairing the boat’s engine, including maintenance and replacement of parts.

Prop Repair

Fixing issues with the boat’s propeller, including cracks, bends, scratches, balance and alignment. 

24/7 Secured RV & Boat  Storage

Al’s 24/7 Secured RV & Boat Storage is a boating facility that provides secure storage solutions for recreational vehicles and boats. With 24/7 surveillance and a gated entry system, customers can feel confident that their investments are protected.

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